Current Needs for Volunteers

Here are the current requests for specific volunteers:

  • Social Team Members
Are you a social butterfly?  Do you like to bring people together and have a good time?  BESS is looking for a Social Coordinator – or two! – to create events that will allow BESS contributors to get together, mingle and, generally, just have fun on a regular basis.  Like munches, ice cream socials, games night, bowling, baseball games, Renn Faire outing, Pub Crawl’s, dancing, Dave & Buster’s… The possibilities are endless!
If you believe we are describing YOU – contact us at  Let’s have some fun together.
  • Education Team Opportunities

    • If you are interested in helping this dynamic team to arrange the fabulous educational meetings, please contact the Education Team at .
    • If you are interested in PRESENTING a topic at BESS, or if you have a great idea for a presentation topic, the Education Team would like to hear from you. Please contact the Education Team at or fill out the online presentation form.

  • Special Interest Groups -- SIGs!!

    Are you and some kinky friends particularly interested or fond of a certain BDSM activity? Be it bondage, flogging, single tail whip, the violet wand.....the list is only limited by your imagination.

    Create your own special interest group!! All that's needed are two contributors to act as coordinator & co-coordinator, a location, and a genuine interest.

    For more information email the SIG coordinator at .