The POC (People of Color) SIG coordinators are Cocobuns and Rowdy (LivingMyBestLife), who can be reached at


The purpose of this SIG is to provide a space for kinksters who identify as People of Color to come together and discuss the shared experiences and/or challenges of being a Person of Color in a kink space. Free and open discussion is highly encouraged. Conversations will get deep, but we gon’ keep it real here! We will discuss a wide-variety of kinky subjects and their relation to the kinky POC experience. Our members are our primary focus! In this space, People of Color have ultimate agency over topics and direction of conversation. Regardless of ethnicity, experience level, gender identity, sexuality, or kink identity, if you are a Person of Color in the kink community, this SIG was designed to celebrate and support you! 


This SIG aims to give POC kinksters a space to be unapologetically themselves within the sanctity of a “brave space.” People who do not identify as a Person of Color are welcome to attend specifically designated events held by the SIG coordinators in which all kinksters are encouraged to attend, of which there will be several annually. General SIG meetings are designed to serve the POC subcommunity of the kink community. If you are not a POC, please respect the intention of this SIG and restrict your attendance only to events advertised to all kinksters. 


If you have any questions about membership, discussion topics or anything related to the SIG, please contact the coordinators at