Let's meet the Team Leaders!

Contributors Team -- Fawn

Fawn has been an active member of the local Baltimore scene for the past four years. She served as BESS' Social Team lead in 2017, and is currently BESS' Contributorship Team lead; welcoming new and familiar faces at the front desk during educational classes.
She is a loving and thoughtful wife, mother, submissive, metamour, friend, and community member. Even when busy & bogged down with life duties, she applies her creative and crafty side to helping with BESS' toy building ideas, designing BESS' new tshirts, helping with classes, events, and bedazzling fundraisers. 


If interested in helping with the front desk, please contact .

Education Team Leads -- Madame Tak/Fawn

Madame Tak - see Bio under Board Members.
Fawn - see Bio under Officers.

If interested in helping with BESS educational programming, please contact .

Outreach Team Leader -- Ninja Mike

See Bio under Board Members.

Social Team Leader -- Selina

See Bio under Board Members.

Charm City Fetish Fair Team Leader -- Open Position

If interested in this position, please contact .

Corporate Team -- Hydro

See bio under Board Members

Volunteer Coordinator -- Cocobunsss

See Bio under Officers.

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POC SIG Coordinators -- Cocobunsss/Rowdy Roddy

Cocobunsss - See Bio under Officers.

Rowdy Ricky has been in an ethically non-monogamous (ENM) relationship for the last 8 years, am currently married to a supportive vanilla wife and partnered with two members of the kinky community. He is one of the DMV regional leaders within A Tribe Called Kink and he co-lead chats focused on ENM and BBW support within that platform. He loves the educational aspect of kink as both leader and learner, and has over 15 years of experience in both of these roles.  You can find him on fet (livingmybestlife) but please send a message first.