At its discretion, the BESS Board of Directors may grant reciprocity to clubs or organizations that exist for the purpose of fostering a supportive environment for alternative lifestyle individuals. Preferred (but not required) criteria for reciprocity includes:

  1. Have shown themselves to foster an environment that facilitates alternative lifestyle education and/or socialization of like-minded individuals.
  2. Have at least one regularly scheduled meeting per month.
  3. Collect dues in some form.
  4. Issue affiliation cards or provide some manner that BESS may verify membership.
  5. Have existed for at least 6 months.
  6. Have officers or boards that are elected by the group members.
  7. Extend reciprocity to BESS (see below)

By "Extend reciprocity to BESS", we mean that card-carrying BESS Contributors will be admitted to regularly-scheduled educational events and parties put on by a reciprocal organization, without additional and onerous reservation procedures. Further, BESS Contributors will be admitted for the same fee that a reciprocal organization charges its own members and Reciprocal Group Members may bring up to four guests.

Reciprocity is not expected to extend to special meetings, such as an annual business meeting, or subgroups (special-interest groups, etc.) of a reciprocal organization.

Also, Reciprocity is not expected to take precedent over any organization's minimum-age, gender, or orientation requirements.