Let's meet the members of the Board!


Lori -- Chair

Kinky from a young age, exploring her desires led to the BDSM community and shortly thereafter to a D/s structure, and finally M/s.  slave lori feels extremely blessed to have been able to travel this road with friends.

Lori shares her fulfillment by being a member of the Executive Board of BESS, Staff member for the Master/slave Conference, providing support to newcomers, and volunteering at events.  she has presented to local groups over the years.  She is proud to be an alumnus of MTTA, part of the House of the Waya, and a member of MAsT Towson, MAsT Laurel Women and the Art of slavery (Aos).

Selina -- Vice Chair

slave selina aka playfull_girl  is married, owned, collared , and property of Sir_Rigger_Dave.  Married for over 29 years, kinky most of her adult life, together with SRD they entered into a TPE 4 years ago. Being active with teaching multiple classes for CCFF, BESS, EPIC, and the Deep End she loves to give back to her community.

Selina is a co-coordinator of the BESS slave/ sub sig, co runs the Harford County munch with SRD, and an active member of MAsT Towson and MAsT Laurel Women's group.

She enjoys bondage, especially rope bondage, fire play, wax play, signal tail, and flogging. She’s also a published Author.


Hydro is mostly a Fire Top with over 3 years in the Baltimore kink community.  He's an engineer with vanilla interests in gardening and rc model flying. He is a member of the leadership of Society of the Phoenix fire play group.

Ninja Mike

Ninja Mike didn't get his bio to us on time so we wrote one for him. We presume he is a nature lover who enjoys cheese and looks like he could play guitar. In our minds, he has designed jungle gyms and was an invaluable fifth member of a Baltimore-based barbershop quartet. He's probably not an actual ninja, but nobody wanted to verify that.

Madame Tak

Madame Tak is a capped Mistress, a sensual sadist, and a polyamorous pansexual. Her primary relationship is a 24/7 M/s Dynamic. She runs Club Orpheus in Baltimore, hosting three BDSM events each month, providing demos there as well as Risqué at the Crucible. 
In addition to her position on the board for BESS, she's working on a Masters in Counseling Psychology so she can help others in meaningful ways. Her passion and commitment to others is clear, while her sharp tongue and wit have been used for classes, demonstrations, kidnappings, podcasts and in wet dreams coast to coast.



Gary is primarily a top and has been active in the Baltimore community since 2018. He enjoys single tail whips and sudoku puzzles. His primary relationship is a 24/7 M/s dynamic. He is also an amateur powerlifter and connoisseur of awful puns. He wakes up every morning ready for eye-opening experiences. 


Kinky from the cradle and publicly kinky since the early 2000’s Nicole has a passion for learning.  While she’s currently owned and operated, she’s walked both sides of the BDSM slash (and the slash itself at times). In her personal life she runs a successful personal development coaching business.  In her kink life she facilitates workshops designed to appeal to the intellectual side of BDSM. She’s excited about building the social media presence of BESS and supporting her fellow Board members.