Disclaimer: BESS makes no endorsements or promises of satisfaction on behalf of these organizations.

The Black Rose

P. O. Box 11161
Arlington, Virginia 22210

Black Rose shares a reciprocal agreement with BESS. BR members must bring their current membership card to attend BESS "contributors and guests only" events. BESS Contributors may show their current contributorship card to attend Black Rose's events at their contributorship fee.


The Crucible
412 V St NE

Washington DC's Only Alternate Lifestyles Nightclub

The Crucible is a for-profit Pansexual Alternate Lifestyles play event hosted at our new space . There are strict Safe - Sane - Consensual rules enforced by DM's. We do have a core group of dedicated local players, and it is a caring fantastic environment in which to experience public play.

The Crucible is a private club. Memberships information is available on their website. In addition, one time memberships can be purchased (no more than 3 times). After three times, we ask you to become a Crucible member, or join one of the support and education groups.

Operating hours generally are 9 PM - 2 AM (But check the calendar to make sure)


Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (FIST)

FIST is a social and educational club for women interested in SM, leather and fetish between women.


The Resource Pool

TRP's mission is to provide quality education for our communities: Leather ~ Fetish ~ BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominance, submission).