BESS will hold a private party occassionally in the Baltimore area. Attendance will be limited to contributors, members of reciprocal groups, and their guests. Please see the event calendar for party dates. Members of reciprocal groups simply need to make reservations and show up with their appropriate membership card and the entrance fee. Please see the reciprocity page for details on how to obtain reciprocal benefits for your group.

Once you have joined BESS, you will be welcome at all our socials. You must make reservations since space is limited at any party. Please contact to email your reservation request and be sure to include your contributor number in your message. You will then receive confirmation and information about where the party will be held.

Please remember that all BESS socials are private parties for contributors, reciprocal members, and their guests only. Contributors and guests must be at least 19 years of age. Please do not discuss party locations or dates in any public forum or post information about BESS parties on any email list. This will enable BESS to remain in compliance with the local laws and zoning regulations. Guests of contributors will need photo identification and will be asked to sign a guest waiver at the door.

The cost of regular BESS socials is twenty dollars ($20) for each of our contributors and twenty-five dollars ($25) for each of their guests. Special events may be priced differently. Please also bring a dish for the table.

Please review the party rules before attending a party.